Top Line private cleansing wipes help to freshen up whenever need a quick clean. They help get rid of bacteria that can cause unwanted odor. They are specially formulated for the sensitive skin on private parts. They help balance the delicate skin. They are individually wrapped in foil for extra freshness and are ready to be used.

These wipes are compact enough to take with in any purse, bag, or travel suitcase. They have a pleasant aloe vera scent that is really delicate but yet stays with . Our wipes have no soap, as it can be really harsh on the delicate skin.

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Why not just use soap ?

Regular soap and body washes or products that use for entire body have harsh ingredients, mainly soap, which can disrupt the really delicate skin on the private parts and it can cause itching, dryness or irritation.

What does PH- balanced mean?

skin pH varies depending on the part of the body, and from person to person. Even the water has pH levels. It’s important to try and keep the natural balance of feminine area and this is why most products for that area are formulated to be really delicate.

Are they safe to use?

They are safe to be used every day. (NAME) is soap free. Quality standards ensure that the fragrances we use are gentle enough for private parts. Our wipes are also talc free. can even use them during that time of the month.

When to use wipes?

are probably really busy and have a lot to do in one day so can easily forget to keep private parts fresh and clean. This is where our product comes in and can help do that. can use them in the morning, at night, during the day - whenever feel the need to.

About our product

Top Line aloe vera cleansing cloths for sensitive skin :

  • Delicate feminine wipes
  • Really convenient to use
  • 32-count package
  • Easy to take in purse or travel bag
  • Lovely scent
  • Each wipe is packed in foil
  • Soap free


  • Open lid and peel back label. Remove cloth, replace label, and close lid. Unfold cloth, and gently wipe from front to back. Use only once, then throw away; do not flush.

Price: 19.99 €

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